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108 West Broad Street
Falls Church VA, 22046
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(703) 533-1251

New To You - The Chic Boutique is a luxury designer consignment boutique located in Northern Virginia. Established in 1992,  buy and sell genuine designer purses, clothing, jewelry, shoes, scarves and accessories. We believe that Fashion is Fun and just love quality and style. Shop online or in our brick and mortar store.


Our blog offers updates, inspirations, and ideas on the latest fashion news and newest consignment arrivals. Occasionally, we go on an adventure, visit a restaurant that we enjoy or we might run into an art gallery to see the latest display of current art work. We offer a nice little mix of tidbits from A-Z. 

Is it too early? No Way!

Christina Novak

Are you an early bird? Are you one of those people that cannot wait to change from one season to the next? We always love it when January comes as it is still cold but the early closet-sorters help us to keep things on the light and bright side even when it is dreary outside.  Once the boutiques start to sell Resort clothing everyone is ready to toss off the heavy, dark, cumbersome coats, sweaters and boots and transform themselves by sporting their spring plumage. 

Now is the time to bring in your lighter weight cardigans, your cute ankle boots, jean jackets, bright colored rain slickers (think Kate Spade), scarves, and sundresses that are taking up your valuable closet space....because you never worn them last year, now did you? 

We have (3) three ways that you can consign. 1. Make an appointment. 2. Use our Fashion Dash-In. 3. Post-A-Box

There could be a variety of reasons that you didn't wear your last seasons purchases: gained/lost weight, impulse purchase, a gift your received that is just not you, the color makes you look dreadful, shoes pinch your tootsies, you've reinvented yourself and are no long a Rocker Chic but a Posh Girl, etc. 

The best time to get rid of something is right away and to not let it take up valuable closet real estate once you realize it's not going to make your life easier. 

Putting it all together

Christina Novak

People that love to consignment shop usually have a unique style of dressing. Anyone can go to the mall and purchase the pieces picked out for them by the careful designer's plan. This top matches this bottom and this jacket matches those boots. Yes, you can find lovely things at the mall BUT you run the risk of seeing yourself wearing the exact item and/or look that someone else has on at a party or in the office. Zoinks!

Resale shoppers love to showcase their individuality by putting together items that "match" but it's all according to the ideas in their own minds.  Let's say you have a black pleated skirt - One person might put on Doc Marten boots, with crazy tights, a tight fitting retro tee, a leather jacket,  and a beautiful, chunky, silver cuff bracelet. Someone else (or even the same person feeling a bit more conservative on that day) would take the same black pleated skirt and wear Ferragamo flats with the signature bow, a crew neck cable-knit sweater with a pink Peter Pan collared blouse, a pearl necklace and carry the Chanel Boy handbag. 

Individuality is what makes dressing each and every day fun. You can channel your inner diva, or highlight your Rock and Roll spirit or just decide that you are going to play it on the down side.

New Arrivals: Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Theory, Burberry

Christina Novak

If you are interested in any of the items below, give us a call at (703) 533 1251 or email at!

Max Mara sweater size S, scarf $28.50, D&G jeans size 4, Rebecca Minkoff $75.50, Kate Spade size 7 $109.50

What could be easier than tossing on a great sweater over your top and jeans to ward off the cooler fall evenings?

Burberry coat $595.50, Theory dress m $89.50, Gorski fur tote $375.50, Jenni Kayne boots size 9 1/2 $189.50

Teal velvet boots are so very sexy when paired with a sumptuous leather jacket by #BurberryBrit If you are strolling around The Plaza #CityCenter deciding whether to eat at #Fig&Olive or #Centrolina you will be cozy as can be snuggled in a cashmere dress by Theory and carrying your Gorski fur tote.

These pleather #Zara shorts are wicked fun when paired with the lattice heels by Zigi Soho and the rhinestone & sequin #Parker jacket worn backwards with the back open except for one hook. Try wearing the jacket with just a hot pink bra strap showing in the back or if you prefer a more modest effect just pop on a fitted satin tank. 

Parker jacket M $99.50, Zara faux leather shorts $19.50, Hobo leather clutch $65.50, Zigi Soho rhinestone heels 7 $45.50

You Are All Cordially Invited!!!!

Christina Novak

What better way to kick off the fall season then to celebrate fashion in style!

We, the Ladies of New To You, Inc., cordially invite you to our 1st ever September Launch Party!!! On Saturday September 12th, from 4 PM - 7 PM we will be releasing our newest additions onto the floor. We have TONS of great modern and vintage pieces to make this Fall your most fashionable yet!

There will be bubbly and sweet treats; music and fashion galore.

There is NO dress code! Come in what makes you happy and feel fabulous.

Curious as to what we have in store for you? Here are a few sneak peaks!

Don't be shy, stop on by and join us for a bit of fun.

New Arrivals

Christina Novak

The final days of warmer weather are upon us, but don't put those summer dresses away just yet! Here are a few examples to extend the life of your favorite summer dress, with some of-the-moment accessorizing.

Give a light and airy printed silk dress an edgier vibe with neutral colored leather and suede accessories. The mix of textures works well for in between seasonal dressing.



Elizabeth and James dress size M $125.50, Kooba purse $185.50, Sam Edelman boots size 8 $43.50, necklace $42.50, Coach sunnies $79.50





This beautiful floral dress would be perfect for an outdoor evening dinner - paired with ankle boots and a quilted leather purse for a more casual vibe.




Free People dress size S $55.50, Diane Von Furstenberg ankle boots size 9.5 $169.50, Lanvin purse $845.50, necklaces $19.50, $30.50

Over sized shawls can make great alternatives to cardigans for chillier evenings. We love the color combo on this beautiful Hermes shawl, mixed with a red cotton dress and neutral leather accessories.



Hermes shawl $745.50, Philip Lim dress size S $70.50, Kate Spade purse $105.50, Acne boots size 8 $94.50

Christina Novak

White is a great year round color. Pair an all-white look with casual cuffed jeans and leather ankle boots from your fall wardrobe. Top of this look with summery turquoise jewelry and a bright orange clutch for a perfect season to season look!


Kiton blouse sz M $58.50, James jeans size 8 $58.50, Stuart Weitzman boots size 7 $74.50, Cole Haan orange leather woven clutch $94.50, Michael Kors watch $115.50, cuff $65.50, chain link bracelet $45.50, hoops $33.50, turquoise pendant $125.50

A wool dress and leather accessories surely seems fall enough, but leaving the arms and legs bare with the lightness of a silk scarf offers a softer, more summery vibe.


Valentino dress size s $185.50, Alexis Bittar necklace $99.50, Prada ankle boots size 8 $265.50, Marc Jacobs purse $399.50, Hermes zodiac scarf $295.50, Ray Ban aviators $65.50

Again, the mixture of light wool and silk makes for great transitional outfits - sleeveless blouses mixed with fall accessories.

Theory silk blouse sz XL $ 49.50, J Crew wool skirt size 2 $29.50, Burberry boots size 7 $110.50, bracelets $33.50-$60.50, leather belt $19.50, Ferragamo purse $1,220.50

DyNiqua Rocking Cavalli

Christina Novak

Recipe for a glamorous evening out:

Take one sultry, sexy, mermaid dress by Roberto Cavalli

Add one beautiful #ToryBurch wide cuff bracelet  

Add a smidgen of your own style - (model's own bracelets)

Add - a dash of sass

and a pinch of attitude 

Stir in the perfect venue -  such as The 37th Annual Ambassadors Ball coming up in September and voila!!! you now have the perfect recipe for a rocking, roaring, ripping good time.

Rings on Her Fingers....

Christina Novak

I asked Kiersten Rolla, recent graduate from University and professional Expressionist painter what her favorite fashion accessory is.

Q.You recently graduated from University with a degree in Fine Art. Congratulations!  How are you utilizing your degree?

A. I am exploring abstract landscapes and continuing with my portraiture work which is my first artistic painting passion. My art allows me to find different ways to examine emotions from meaningful intimate moments to the feeling of awe inspired by a beautiful view.

This is at an exhibit with one of my paintings called Unspoken Language - Rhiana, Kiersten and Christina

This is at an exhibit with one of my paintings called Unspoken Language - Rhiana, Kiersten and Christina

Q. What other artistic endeavors are you exploring?

A. I am trying my hand at jewelry making. I love big, natural stones and working with wire and leather.

Q. What is your favorite fashion accessory?

A. Rings, rings and more rings!

Q. When did you fall in love with rings?

A. When I was 16 is when I really discovered rings. I never wore much jewelry before that. I would go to the mall and poke around and one day I found this ring with a cool design and a little pearl and I just had to have it. From then on I was always looking for unique rings.

"I picked up this Tree of Life ring at a craft fair in Shepherdstown, W.V. and I loved it because of all the small details - inside and out.

"I picked up this Tree of Life ring at a craft fair in Shepherdstown, W.V. and I loved it because of all the small details - inside and out.

Q. Do you have a favorite ring? 

A. Before I was 21 I had a malachite ring that I found in a shop in Ashville, North Carolina that I loved. I wore it all the time with everything.

Q. Have you given rings to someone as a present?

A. Not really, but I have been given special rings - (Kiersten smiles when she says this) - My parents gave me my birthstone, blue topaz, for Christmas a few years ago.  I also received another special ring recently.

The little red one I also picked up in Shepherdstown, WV at an antique store.

The little red one I also picked up in Shepherdstown, WV at an antique store.

Q. Do you feel that you have "enough" rings?

A. Never!

I spotted these at New To You and they had to be mine.

I spotted these at New To You and they had to be mine.

Q. Do you have a favorite designer?

A. Yes, Alexis Bittar is my favorite ring designer because his rings make such a big, bold statement.

Q. Do you have any rings that got away?

A. Oh, yes, when I was in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, I found a buffalo turquoise ring in a natural stone store. I fell in love with it but it was way too expensive for me. I used to go in to visit it but in never became mine.

Q. What is your favorite ring now?

A. My engagement ring!! I became engaged just a few weeks ago to my boyfriend of five years, Sam. 

Q. Tell me about it, please,

A. Sam designed it himself; I had no idea that he was doing it. The stones are set in platinum with engraving on the sides which is Art Deco inspired. My fiance did it all on his own, he designed it,  including the engraved decoration on the sides. We are so happy!!!

Vacation Inspiration!

Christina Novak

As the top designer's are releasing their new resort lines and the weather is only getting warmer, it seems everyone has vacation on the brain. But you don't need to travel to be inpsired! We've matched a few beautiful destination locations with some of our summer pieces for a little Vacation Inspiration.

Tell your story walking!

Christina Novak

We asked fashion designer and stylist Kendra McCullough about her biggest fashion passion....


Q:  In fashion, what is your biggest passion?

A:  SHOES!! I like shoes.


Q:  Have you ever given someone shoes as a present?

A:  I haven’t but I've helped others pick them out, especially my mom and my sister.


Q:  Can your feet feel the difference between good quality and poor quality shoes?

A:  I think so. Good quality leather molds and fits your feet. Man-made or cheap leather stays in its place.


Q:  Do you have a favorite shoe?

A:  I would have to say Alexander McQueen shoes are my favorite. I love the ones made mostly before his death but I do own a couple pair from after his passing.


Q:  Do you remember your 1st “good” pair of shoes?

A:  Ooh!! Good question! I think my definition has gone up over the years but a few years ago Jeffrey Campbell produced a pair that was black with spikes. It was “a good kick start”!


Q:  How did you feel when you were wearing your Jeffrey Campbell spikes?

A:  I loved them! They were a real attention-getter. I coveted them for months. I saved and saved and finally bought them.

Q:  When did you fall in love with shoes?

A:  As a kid, even in soccer, everyone else wore black and I had neon. At seven years old I wanted high heels but my mom said “No”. I tried to make my own heels from K’nex but it didn't work.

Now I mostly wear black, white or denim clothing. I like my shoe to be the star. I truly believe that shoes make or break an outfit.


Q:  Do you have “enough” shoes?

A:  No! Never! I constantly find fabulous shoes that I covet.


Q:  What shoes would you never wear?

A:  Crocs, there are others but I will stick with Crocs.

Q:  Which shoes do you feel are indispensible in a woman’s wardrobe?

A:  I would say a neutral/nude pointed toe pump.


Q:  Who are your other favorite shoe designers?

A:  Jimmy Choo, Yves Saint Laurent and, I have to say again, Alexander McQueen



Q:  Do you have a shoe that “got away”?

A:  Yes, a pair of Jimmy Choo flats that was on sale. They had a pointed toe with cut-out design. They were purple tone, grey suede and they sold out just before checking out on-line. I still think about that shoe as it had the most beautiful shade of grey. I’d never seen it before or since.


Q:  Do you judge people by the shoes they wear?

A:  Every time!