When New To You was featured on the NBC Today show in 2006 I was asked to come up with some shopping on consignment tips. It can be a lot of fun if you try following a few of these rules.

1. Take a friend, but never one that wears your size - unless your style is completely different. You don't want any hard feelings if you are both reaching for the same treasured item.

2. Establish a rapport with the sales associates, someone whose sense of style and taste you appreciate and they will guide you. Make sure you give some information over to the associate so they can understand your personal style and desire for the honest feedback. 

3. Sizes are inconsistent; so make sure you take a peek at the items above and below "your" size. The fit of a garment is most important to looking your best. 

4. Think out of the box. Try on things you would never think of trying on. Be brave! You just might surprise yourself when you keep an open mind by finding something that flatters you when you least expect it to. Some garments look much better on the hanger than on the body and the reverse is true too. A dress can be fantastic on the hanger but when you try it on, Oh, boy, it just looks dreadful.

5. If you have a fabulous skirt that matches nothing in your wardrobe, make sure to bring it along with you so you can create an outfit. Trying to remember a color is a bit iffy, so just take the guess work out of the problem by carrying it with you. Also, proportion is really important when wearing two items together that were not made to got with each other.

6. Trust yourself!! You know in your gut when you look great in something.

7. If you are unsure about the best shapes for your body type, we suggest you find the What Not To Wear books, originally by Trinny and Susannah, and also by Stacy and Clinton. The books are filled with wonderful advice about accentuating the positive and detracting from the negative.

8. Don't feel that you have to purchase anything. Have some fun, try things on or just window shop. You will love the variety of colors and styles available, with the added bonus of not looking like everyone else. Express yourself.

9.  Keep your lipstick on your lips and your foundation on your face. Be considerate and shield the clothing you are trying on.

10. When shopping with children, why not bring a book along for them to read? Time does not weigh so heavily on children when their minds are occupied.

AuthorChristina Novak

I love consignment shopping; not only can you find the one-of-a-kind item that you dreamed of having but you can also totally find the latest fashions, so that you are able to replicate today's looks.

We get in so many items that are from department stores with the tags on them that are now discounted to incredible savings of 30 - 75 % off of original retail prices. 

We are the designer, bargain-hunters paradise because we have in so many quality, brand name dresses, jeans, skirts, blouses, and, of course, shoes. Are you a Gucci lover? If so, we have a gorgeous pair of champagne Gucci heels in size 38 for only $275.50 that retailed for $660.00!! Brand new with the box. I know!!!  It's exciting.......that is only the tip of the iceberg. Rebecca Taylor tops, Rachel Pally dresses, J Brand jeans are just a few of the latest designer finds at New To You, Inc.

Come in and see what savings you can dig up. It is worth the time and effort to pop into Falls Church City to see what treasures you can hunt for. 

The added bonus is we will give you an honest style assessment. We never just say you look great in something unless it is TRUE.

AuthorChristina Novak

So many times I am stuck in the rut of wearing the same outfits day in and day out. My friend Patti always inspires me to be a bit more color forward because she just adores wearing bright, popping color. The color blue is the best color in the world!!! It's no use arguing because facts are facts.  I can easily wear this little fellows blues and blacks and not feel too conspicuous. Black leggings, blue top and easily finished off with a black necklace and boots or....

blue bird.jpg


So here I have my  own J. Crew leggings, a YSL tote - available at New To You, J. Crew flats - available at New To You, my own royal blue ruffle silk blouse. 



Why is the concept of clean so difficult to grasp?Clean (defined) - free from dirt, marks and stains. We say the same patter to everyone that asks about consigning; items must be current-style, designer label, in excellent condition  and recently cleaned. I often hear the comment "I only wore once", as if this somehow exonerates having the item(s) washed or dry cleaned. If you goes to a hotel and the bellboy shows you to your room and the bed is unmade; do you want him to tell you, "Oh, don't worry,  they were only here for an hour so." It certainly is interesting when people become indignant and swear that they have not worn the item and suggest that maybe their maid wore their clothes when they're not looking. Right.... Preparing items for resale can be time consuming, and, yes, sometimes you have to pay to have something cleaned but it's only right and proper to do so.



I am usually not a big fan of jewelry marriages. I like items in their pure state but this little bracelet intrigues me quite a lot. Most likely it is because of my lifelong fascination with gems stones, rocks, semi-precious stones and pearls. In this number, we have a repousse white multi-floral plastic oval set in sterling silver which has been taken from another piece of jewelry. It has a 925 stamp on the back, as well as, a large initial M. There are four strands of different beads - faceted, unfaceted, ovals, rounds etc. All in various stripes, as well as, mottled colorings that look like agates, jasper, labradorite, and some other beads. I have no idea what they all are - just a really charming mixture.


Cashmere is such a luxurious fabric. Whenever you can find something it feels so soft and gentle on the skin it is truly a treasure; that's exactly how I feel about these ruffle shawls by Captiva. The colors are yummy and can make an outfit perk up with the pop of color. I first saw these this summer in Rhode Island and I instantly fell in love with them. Cost $245.50image


I love this time of year; everyone is running around doing so many fun things that it just makes it a pleasure to come to work every day. People are looking for party dresses such as this BCBG red sequin, stretch dress in small $79.50image

Or this cute aqua and gold metallic, vintage jacket - by Guja made in Italy size s\m $46.50 image

Metallic purses are always a kick - here we have the ever coveted Lauren Merkin hand bag with detachable strap in  "snake", brand new $145.50; also this Rebecca Minkoff gold, charcoal "snake" with gold chain, also new for $335.50 (retailed for $750.00); image

These John Fluevog camel heels with multiple bows are darling- brand new $110.50; image

The sweetest gifts are here, such as, the Alex and Ani bracelets - "good luck" "love" charms dangle on these gold tone bangles - only $48.50 image

We also think these amber items would make delightful  presents - $65.50 each image

Or even these Tiffany pieces would be received with such pleasure image

There are plenty of fun ways to accessorize what you already have if you are of the mind to treat yourself. Beautiful Hermes scarves pleated into a tight accordion - they are the 36" squares! In boxes $340.50 The colors! The designs! So fabulous! image

Stop by and visit us or check out the items we have in line as well.