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New To You - The Chic Boutique is a luxury designer consignment boutique located in Northern Virginia. Established in 1992,  buy and sell genuine designer purses, clothing, jewelry, shoes, scarves and accessories. We believe that Fashion is Fun and just love quality and style. Shop online or in our brick and mortar store.


Our blog offers updates, inspirations, and ideas on the latest fashion news and newest consignment arrivals. Occasionally, we go on an adventure, visit a restaurant that we enjoy or we might run into an art gallery to see the latest display of current art work. We offer a nice little mix of tidbits from A-Z. 

Retro + Modern

Christina Novak

Yves Saint Laurent started out working with Christian Dior way back in the 1950's at the tender age of 19. He opened his own fashion house in January of 1962 after a short stint in the military. 

Caroline Renolds Milbank wrote in 1985 wrote in her book Couture, that Yves Saint Laurent was "The most consistently celebrated and influential designer of the past twenty-five years...."

I love when we get in vintage pieces that are in fabulous condition. It is not something that you see everyday. We have here an elegant deep pink blouse in silk satin with elastic at the wrist in French size 40 which is about an American size 8. The trick with a vintage piece can be how to make it appear contemporary and hip. It does not always work to wear head to toe retro but when you mix the old with the new you can have something quite splendid. 

We have here some white skinny denim jeans by DL 1961 along with a Tory Burch handbag in lavender pink and orange snake with Chanel sunglasses.

You can wear this blouse tucked in, tied at the waist, or left hanging straight down over skinny jeans or leggings. No matter how you style this little beauty it is going to get you some compliments that will make you smile.

This Week's Top Picks

Christina Novak

Tory Burch tank, J. Crew skirt, Nine West heels, Sondra Roberts clutch, Alexis Bittar earrings, 

Milly dress, Erdem heels, Kate Spade bangles, Hermes bangle

Eileen Fisher cardigan, Current Elliott jeans, Rag & Bone sandals, Jimmy Choo purse, Vince tee

Portfolio in Motion

Christina Novak

Every year Marymount University in Arlington sponsors a fashion show called Portfolio in Motion. The designers are carefully chosen from current students, as well as, including brilliant designers from past years to participate in three evenings of cocktails, conversation and fashion.

There has been a "Designer of the Year" selected every year since 1990 and this year the beautiful and talented designer was Reem Acra seen here with fashion designer Kendra McCullough

I love lace!!  

I love lace!!


I was invited to attend this year by Lydia Russo of Lydia Real Estate, one of the sponsors of the event. Lydia graduated from Marymount in 2010 :) The cocktail party was delightful as there was live music, delicious food provided by Ridgewells Catering, and yes, I tried everything....from the gazpacho in a glass, the salmon, the chocolate balls on a stick, the lobster pot stickers, and tiny potatoes. Alright, it's true, I actually ate more than just those few items but I felt it was necessary to try all the tasty treats that were offered, some more than once. 

On the tables and walls there were inspiration boards and sketches on display so I snapped a few pictures so you could see how the design concepts start.

The variety of designs and details was so much fun. I particularly enjoyed this floral collection, especially the man's suit - he just owns it and looks great!

There was a definite "awwww" factor that was created by the adorable young models that graced the stage. This sassy little redhead had so much attitude, she made everyone smile.

I had the pleasure of meeting, Vesna Kustudic, of Mint Lola, designer of bridal headdresses and special event accessories. Her designs were feminine, graceful and charming.

Marymount alumni Ashley Arias of TAA PR and Jeffrey Wilkins of Louis Vuitton attended and looked FABULOUS!!! I wish I could wear red lipstick and look so good.

The silver sequin gown provided by Kendra McCullough produced some audible gasps of delight. Coming or going each of Kendra's designs was red carpet worthy. 

I often hear people say that the Metropolitan area lacks style and verve but from my experience there are an abundance of men and women that display a unique blend of chic-style, creativity, whimsy and glamour that we hope to see more and more of out and about.

Vintage Chanel

Christina Novak

Classic. Quality. Timeless. 

These vintage pieces from Chanel are sure to be your new favorite closet staples. 

Styled by: Kendra

This jacket looks equally great in the office or dressed down with sneakers and a tee. With the sleeves rolled up, the Chanel lining can show - and why not top it off with a Chanel flower pin?

Chanel jacket, Chanel pin, Wildfox tee, Isabel Marant skirt, Emporio Armani sneakers, Marc by Marc Jacobs watch

Chanel jacket, Chanel pin, Wildfox tee, Isabel Marant skirt, Emporio Armani sneakers, Marc by Marc Jacobs watch

This cherry red Chanel silk blouse will cheer up any outfit. Paired here with a brightly printed Carven cotton skirt and Prada flame heels. You can also play it down with a pair of distressed skinny jeans, flats and a great pair of sunglasses. 

Chanel blouse, Carven skirt, Prada heels, Longchamp purse, Fendi sunglasses, Salvatore Ferragamo belt

Chanel blouse, Carven skirt, Prada heels, Longchamp purse, Fendi sunglasses, Salvatore Ferragamo belt

This dark navy Chanel blazer needs little styling to be totally chic. Paired here with neutral accessories, and an Hermes silk scarf for a great casual work ensemble. 

Chanel blazer, Rag & Bone jeans, Michael Kors purse, Enzo Angiolini pumps, Akribos watch, Hermes scarf, Judith Leiber belt

Chanel blazer, Rag & Bone jeans, Michael Kors purse, Enzo Angiolini pumps, Akribos watch, Hermes scarf, Judith Leiber belt

Adversity to Contentment

Christina Novak

You know how sometimes things go on in your life that throw you off center? It comes upon you suddenly; one minute you are bustling along being your usual efficient self, running a million errands, working hard, enjoying friends and family and then BAM! a doctor says something like, we see a little something and need to run some tests etc. Sigh, for a period of time your life turns upside down and you lose a bit of your usual zest. 

This is what happened to one of our favorite people, Elise. As she was having a routine mammogram, Elise was told that there were some concerns and she would have to have a biopsy, and ultimately surgery and radiation. Of course, everyone rallied around and offered all the support that they could.

On her first visit to have the radiation, Elise was told to change into one of the provided gowns which were kept in a closet. Already feeling out of sorts, she was really depressed by what she saw; a stack of dull, faded looking grey gowns. Her feeling was, Good Lord, here I am having to deal with the unwelcome and frightening need for radiation and now I am supposed to put on something that is so bland and ugly that now I feel "sick, like a patient".

Elise made a decision: "I am not wearing these ugly hospital gowns anymore!"

Now, some people don't care about clothing, or style, or color but our lovely Elise does - a lot! So, being the sort of woman that she is, Elise decided to create her own gowns to wear for radiation. She had this delightful, bright, printed day dress that belonged to her mother in the 1970's and that was the inspiration for the gowns that she developed. 

Here is the original inspiration for the Glam Gown that was her fashionable mother's tunic from the 1970's. 

Here is the original inspiration for the Glam Gown that was her fashionable mother's tunic from the 1970's. 

The Glam Gown is brilliant because it is short and easy to wear over your leggings or slacks, it gives you a waist as you can pull the grosgrain ribbon to your own comfort level, very easy to "peel" down due to the wrap style, it is also easy care,  100% cotton, washable, non-iron and most important - the Glam Gown is a mood elevator!

Oh, the Glam Gown is totally functional as you have pockets for your phone, keys and lip gloss. The fabric is not flimsy so you don't feel exposed. 

All of the gowns have been named after cancer survivors -- Jane's Power Pink, Betsy's Bold Blue, and Ruthanne's Grateful Garden. Each batch is a short run of a pattern, so once the design runs out - that's it and new colors and designs will be produced. 

They end up being the perfect gift for a friend or such that is going through a life changing event that you want to help out in some way but you just don't know what to do.  You can find these to purchase at

Men's Guy Gown - A longer gown for men has been made for illness such as prostate cancer, leukemia or kidney transplant  

Men's Guy Gown - A longer gown for men has been made for illness such as prostate cancer, leukemia or kidney transplant  

There is a Plus Size Glammier Gown in the works now! Also, Glamdana's, which will be marvelous head wraps, and of course, the Guy Gown which will have a D-ring belt instead of the grosgrain.

Please help to spread the word about these great gowns - as we all appear to know someone these days that is going through a traumatic event with their health and could use a pick-me-up.

Elise recently got the all clear from her doctors and is celebrating her new found health by doing her best to bring color and a positive attitude to others in need. 

These gowns would also be delightful for a daycare provider, cook, gardener, or a painter!

Southern charm and cameos

Christina Novak

I was meeting my good friend, JB, for a birthday celebration and I found that her entire ensemble was romantic and almost, other-worldly. I marveled in her ability to take different pieces, blend them together and make something so uniquely her. Every piece was purchased separately, yet auto-magically :) became an amazing cohesive outfit.

JB said that she added the button detail herself because she felt it needed just a little something else. Luckily she was able to find her box full of vintage buttons and cleverly attached a couple of them to the edge of the under slip.

Marie Antoinette, herself, would have approved  of this adorable outfit down to the ivory stocking and white, leather Mary-Jane's.

So what is missing? Jewelry, of course! Jewelry acts like the icing on a cake. One might say, "Let them eat cake!" But, I digress....JB chose to wear some very pretty cameo jewelry to be her icing on this special occasion. 

Cameo's are such beautiful works of art and I am astounded by how intricate some of them are.

We dined at Sea Pearl at The Mosaic with a group of friends and celebrated with copious amounts of white wine and good cheer. The food was delicious and we all had a marvelous time. JB helped to set the fashionable tone to the birthday celebration - I can't wait to see what she comes up with next time.

Iris Apfel - party

Christina Novak

Last year I saw the documentary titled IRIS directed by Albert Maysles and absolutely fell in love with Iris Apfel and her husband, Carl. Everything about this couple was a delight - their apartment, their dressing style and their passion for design, color and life.

After my friend Beth and I saw the Iris documentary at the pop-up theater at Union Market DC we went over to Eastern Market on a quest to find a piece of jewelry or two that would remind us of how cool Iris is. At that moment in time, we wanted to BE Iris! We went up and down the stalls and we both managed to find rings that we couldn't wait to put on and celebrate this marvelous woman. I chose a large oval Labradorite ring and Beth chose a big, fat Moonstone - both of these were set in sterling and truthfully they are probably WAY smaller than something Iris would have chosen but we were rather new to the whole concept of massive jewelry wearing.

 Not too long ago, a couple of our favorite customers, Candy and Elise, were in shopping and we started to discuss Iris and the next thing I know they said, "Why don't you have an Iris party? We did and it was so much fun." Seeing as how we love parties, especially theme parties, we have decided to have our very own Iris Apfel Party. 

What do you wear to an Iris Party??? I'm so glad you asked ---think layers, think big, think colorful - think statement - think fun - think "outside your" comfort zone. It will all just be good fun.

Photographed by Bruce Weber for Vogue Italia, 2007

Photographed by Bruce Weber for Vogue Italia, 2007

If you would like to attend, it's the 19th of March - Saturday 4 p.m. - 7 p.m. We do have a guest list so if you will RSVP to us via e-mail  we can add you to the list.

How to: Get the Most Out of Your Favorite Dresses!

Christina Novak

Let your favorite dresses get a little more fun in the sun: we've pulled together a few looks featuring new ways to wear your frocks with some fun styling tips along the way.


This adorable floral dress from Kate Spade offers a simple silhouette, perfect for adding fun accessories. The pink from the clutch pairs well with rose gold heels, without being too matchy-matchy. Top it off with a simple rhinestone and bracelet duet, and you're ready to go! Perfect for: spring weddings, fashion events, date night

Any adorable dress can always double as an equally adorable skirt. We love the grey monochrome pieces, with a touch of bright aqua. Throw on a cute and comfy sweatshirt over your favorite dress for a more casual look. Perfect for: movies, errands, picnics, farmer's markets

Left: Kate Spade dress, Boutique 9 heels, ruffle clutch. Right: J. Crew top size XS, Jenni Kayne flats, Marc by Marc Jacobs purse

"Work" dresses don't have to feel like work - add a printed silky top underneath your favorite shift dress for a light, feminine look. We love the floral print mixed with the harder, leather accessories. Perfect for: work, events

Step up your casual Friday game! Blue denim has become a great neutral, and pairs well with almost any color and texture. Throw on a denim shirt over your favorite work dress, with a printed scarf and a pair of simple stilettos. Perfect for: casual work, brunch

Left: Tory Burch dress, J. Crew chambray top, Sam Edelman heels, Cole Haan purse, right: French Connection top, Zara heels, Coach purse

Ahh, the ease of a Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress. We love the light fabric on this one, perfect for almost any occasion, anywhere. This dress could be perfect for the office in the summer! Fun tips: an oversized shawl is a chic alternative to a cardigan in those overly air conditioned offices + a straw tote can double as a cute summer work bag!

The metallic finish on this wrap dress looks great mixed with other metallic tones. Pair it with some layered sparkly necklaces, metallic strappy heels and a gold box clutch for the perfect date night look!

Left: Diane Von Furstenberg dress, Brian Atwood heels, Judith Leiber purse, right: Michael Kors tote, Ash heels, Hermes shawl, Louis Vuitton wallet

Is it too early? No Way!

Christina Novak

Are you an early bird? Are you one of those people that cannot wait to change from one season to the next? We always love it when January comes as it is still cold but the early closet-sorters help us to keep things on the light and bright side even when it is dreary outside.  Once the boutiques start to sell Resort clothing everyone is ready to toss off the heavy, dark, cumbersome coats, sweaters and boots and transform themselves by sporting their spring plumage. 

Now is the time to bring in your lighter weight cardigans, your cute ankle boots, jean jackets, bright colored rain slickers (think Kate Spade), scarves, and sundresses that are taking up your valuable closet space....because you never worn them last year, now did you? 

We have (3) three ways that you can consign. 1. Make an appointment. 2. Use our Fashion Dash-In. 3. Post-A-Box

There could be a variety of reasons that you didn't wear your last seasons purchases: gained/lost weight, impulse purchase, a gift your received that is just not you, the color makes you look dreadful, shoes pinch your tootsies, you've reinvented yourself and are no long a Rocker Chic but a Posh Girl, etc. 

The best time to get rid of something is right away and to not let it take up valuable closet real estate once you realize it's not going to make your life easier. 

Putting it all together

Christina Novak

People that love to consignment shop usually have a unique style of dressing. Anyone can go to the mall and purchase the pieces picked out for them by the careful designer's plan. This top matches this bottom and this jacket matches those boots. Yes, you can find lovely things at the mall BUT you run the risk of seeing yourself wearing the exact item and/or look that someone else has on at a party or in the office. Zoinks!

Resale shoppers love to showcase their individuality by putting together items that "match" but it's all according to the ideas in their own minds.  Let's say you have a black pleated skirt - One person might put on Doc Marten boots, with crazy tights, a tight fitting retro tee, a leather jacket,  and a beautiful, chunky, silver cuff bracelet. Someone else (or even the same person feeling a bit more conservative on that day) would take the same black pleated skirt and wear Ferragamo flats with the signature bow, a crew neck cable-knit sweater with a pink Peter Pan collared blouse, a pearl necklace and carry the Chanel Boy handbag. 

Individuality is what makes dressing each and every day fun. You can channel your inner diva, or highlight your Rock and Roll spirit or just decide that you are going to play it on the down side.