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108 West Broad Street
Falls Church VA, 22046

(703) 533-1251

New To You - The Chic Boutique is a luxury designer consignment boutique located in Northern Virginia. Established in 1992,  buy and sell genuine designer purses, clothing, jewelry, shoes, scarves and accessories. We believe that Fashion is Fun and just love quality and style. Shop online or in our brick and mortar store.



Christina’s eclectic style derives from her overseas upbringing and extensive travels at at a young age. Her unique experiences began with her birth in Germany, where her father was employed with the State Department. One favorite family anecdote of this time is when Julia Child, who’s husband was a State Department employee also stationed in Germany, baked her sister’s 2nd birthday cake! Christina and her family later moved to Pakistan, where she was exposed to many exotic sights, sounds, colors, cultures, people, food (she distinctly remembers enjoying curry and chapatis, a type of whole wheat bread) and of course... fashion!

In addition to her cultured upbringing, Christina’s parents also contributed to her forming her own unique style. Her British born mother, Jean, loved shopping at the Junior League and other thrift stores, where she was a professional at finding fun and one of a kind pieces. Her father, Joseph, had a taste for high-quality luxury items. He taught Christina how to measure quality, and passed on to her an appreciation for fine clothing. It was his understanding of the importance of style and dressing well that got Christina excited about fashion and led her to her love of the industry.

At the age of thirteen Christina received her first magazine, Seventeen. Upon combing through its glossy pages and reading every article, she was instantly enamored with the world of fashion and all that went with it: cosmetics, hair, jewelry, shoes, and accessories!


New to You, Inc. was born in 1992. As a newly single mother who wanted the opportunity to spend more time with her baby daughter, she took her love for her child and love for fashion and melded the two together by opening her own business. For 24 years, Christina has taken what she learned from both of her parents and her knowledge of the fashion world and has used it to expand and develop her business. New to You, Inc. embodies Christina’s love for unique and eclectic, yet high-quality, designer pieces.

To this day Christina’s philosophy remains “To find the best of the best. We have a very high standard for our customers who also have a love for luxury items. We take the hard work out of resale shopping by selecting the highest quality and cleanest items for you.” She hopes to deliver to her customers an easy shopping experience that produces high-quality, authentic, and clean items. She has very high standards, and refuses to accept any item that is cheaply made, dirty, outdated, unwearable, or irrelevant. She promises to take care of every garment that comes into her hands in order to provide the best possible shopping experiences for her customers.

Throughout 24 years of business, Christina has seen, heard, and done it all! One of her favorite and most proud moments since opening her business was when the NBC Today Show filmed a segment for their Sunday morning show at New to You, Inc. In the segment, Christina offered shopping tips and spoke to her store’s mission. The Today Show has been ranked as one of the greatest shows of all time, and Christina is proud and thankful to have been able to share her store with millions of people across the country.

Although being on TV was a defining moment of her career, Christina says that her favorite part of her job has been getting to know her customers, consignors, and fellow members of the community over the years. These people have helped build her business into what it is today and she is very grateful for all their support. She looks forward to many more years of business and many wonderful interactions with her customers.

Christina’s style has certainly developed and varied throughout the years. She loves all styles, designers, colors and textures- she can’t pick just one! Currently, her favorite pieces are  from Jean Paul Gaultier, Narciso Rodriguez and Bottega Veneta, and she is of course she is constantly inspired by the decadent designs of Charles James and simple elegance of Ralph Lauren. But while her style may evolve, one thing that will never change is Christina’s commitment to delivering high-quality, fun and unique designer items that you love.