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108 West Broad Street
Falls Church VA, 22046

(703) 533-1251

New To You - The Chic Boutique is a luxury designer consignment boutique located in Northern Virginia. Established in 1992,  buy and sell genuine designer purses, clothing, jewelry, shoes, scarves and accessories. We believe that Fashion is Fun and just love quality and style. Shop online or in our brick and mortar store.


Our blog offers updates, inspirations, and ideas on the latest fashion news and newest consignment arrivals. Occasionally, we go on an adventure, visit a restaurant that we enjoy or we might run into an art gallery to see the latest display of current art work. We offer a nice little mix of tidbits from A-Z. 

Tips for buying on consignment

Christina Novak

When New To You was featured on the NBC Today show in 2006 I was asked to come up with some shopping on consignment tips. It can be a lot of fun if you try following a few of these rules.

1. Take a friend, but never one that wears your size - unless your style is completely different. You don't want any hard feelings if you are both reaching for the same treasured item.

2. Establish a rapport with the sales associates, someone whose sense of style and taste you appreciate and they will guide you. Make sure you give some information over to the associate so they can understand your personal style and desire for the honest feedback. 

3. Sizes are inconsistent; so make sure you take a peek at the items above and below "your" size. The fit of a garment is most important to looking your best. 

4. Think out of the box. Try on things you would never think of trying on. Be brave! You just might surprise yourself when you keep an open mind by finding something that flatters you when you least expect it to. Some garments look much better on the hanger than on the body and the reverse is true too. A dress can be fantastic on the hanger but when you try it on, Oh, boy, it just looks dreadful.

5. If you have a fabulous skirt that matches nothing in your wardrobe, make sure to bring it along with you so you can create an outfit. Trying to remember a color is a bit iffy, so just take the guess work out of the problem by carrying it with you. Also, proportion is really important when wearing two items together that were not made to got with each other.

6. Trust yourself!! You know in your gut when you look great in something.

7. If you are unsure about the best shapes for your body type, we suggest you find the What Not To Wear books, originally by Trinny and Susannah, and also by Stacy and Clinton. The books are filled with wonderful advice about accentuating the positive and detracting from the negative.

8. Don't feel that you have to purchase anything. Have some fun, try things on or just window shop. You will love the variety of colors and styles available, with the added bonus of not looking like everyone else. Express yourself.

9.  Keep your lipstick on your lips and your foundation on your face. Be considerate and shield the clothing you are trying on.

10. When shopping with children, why not bring a book along for them to read? Time does not weigh so heavily on children when their minds are occupied.