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New To You - The Chic Boutique is a luxury designer consignment boutique located in Northern Virginia. Established in 1992,  buy and sell genuine designer purses, clothing, jewelry, shoes, scarves and accessories. We believe that Fashion is Fun and just love quality and style. Shop online or in our brick and mortar store.


Our blog offers updates, inspirations, and ideas on the latest fashion news and newest consignment arrivals. Occasionally, we go on an adventure, visit a restaurant that we enjoy or we might run into an art gallery to see the latest display of current art work. We offer a nice little mix of tidbits from A-Z. 

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Winter and feeling warm


Things get rather panicky this time of year as my mind is a constant whirl of things to do, places to go and wondering how I will find the time to take care of everything. Every so often I realize that it's okay to just sit down, put my feet up, light a candle and take a bit of time for myself to just breathe and relax.  What could be sweeter than a surprise visit by someone bearing a gift? It makes me feel warm and fuzzy when out of the blue I receive a prezzie!! And this was a really fun one too as it was wrapped up in a lovely scarf from India and enclosed was a variety of chocolate circles along with instructions on making hot chocolate. I am always thankful when a friend takes the time to think up something special to give to me.

Fake Out!


The new era of counterfeiting has become almost impossible to detect. Here are 3 easy tips on how to not get scammed. 1. Check the authenticity policy when buying. If buying a used luxury item from a website or a consignment store, carefully read or ask for its sales policy. We make sure that when taking items there is a receipt with the purchase or we even ask to see a card of authenticity. If we have any suspicions... We will NOT take it.

2. Be wary of discounts. Top luxury brands rarely offer deep price cuts on their merchandise. Lets all be realistic here, If you see a new Chanel bag 50% off, WALK AWAY! We can only wish there was such a discount. We won't even bring down the price of a quality bag that low. It would be unjust.

3. Scrutinize websites selling the product. Counterfeiters have gotten more sophisticated in selling goods online. Examine the website for its validity, including product images—and price points. Another clue: often times the Frequently Asked Questions area contains grammatical errors. We must be researchers... If there are weird download issues, no contact info, or grammatical errors it isn't really a good site to put your personal information on. BE SMART!

The moral here is to be wary of where to purchase. We certainly are careful, you should too.

(Tips from Wall Street Journal)

Styling up sporting events!


Ladies, we all know how difficult it is to look good during sporting events. Here are a few people I found at the El Salvador vs. Panama soccer game on Sunday that show the chic and not so chic way to dress it up.

We all want to try and look hot and sexy while still sporting our team colors. Heels, and wedges may be over doing it. Try for either a smaller wedge or a cute pair of sandals.

This fabulous woman has the perfect idea. Light cotton top with lace details and a pair of jeans with sandals, gives the cuteness appeal women want while still showing her support for her team.. (Panama)

This trendy lady has great style. Lace shorts are very in, tying it together with a simple top and a blazer adds the perfect sporty feel. She sizzles it up with a pair of animal print flats. With this outfit you are sure to stand out from the crowd.

Are you ready for an Indian summer?


Yes. It's already that time of year, when the leaves start turning and the air cools down. But, Instead of just throwing on your favorite fabulous sweater, why don't you accessorize it with Native American style jewelry? Here, at New to You, we have just that! We have double and single stranded fetish animal necklaces (one of each), real and mock turquoise pieces as well as silver pieces. Hurry on by before those dog days arrive!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day


Got a date with a leprechaun? Afraid of being pinched for not wearing green? Going out for drinks with your friends for St. Patrick's Day?
We have selected our stylish collection of greens from the floor, and we're making it easy for you to come and pick up your green to wear!
There are chic ways to bring out the Irish in you without wearing head-to-toe in green.
Splash a green beaded necklace around your neck, accent your hips with a gorgeous green belt over a simple LBD. Here are the photos of the sweetest green pieces in our store, exclusively for you.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone!

Spring is in the Air...almost!


It may still feel like winter outside, but not in the stores. Spring has hit retail, and we are so excited by all of the fun it just needs to get warm outside, right? The Nautical-Inspired look is back, and who doesn't love the preppy and patriotic look? See what we have that will get you into the Spring Sailor-girl Spirit!

Punxsutawney Phil says six more weeks of winter, but that time will fly by, I mean, who can believe that it is already February!