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108 West Broad Street
Falls Church VA, 22046

(703) 533-1251

New To You - The Chic Boutique is a luxury designer consignment boutique located in Northern Virginia. Established in 1992,  buy and sell genuine designer purses, clothing, jewelry, shoes, scarves and accessories. We believe that Fashion is Fun and just love quality and style. Shop online or in our brick and mortar store.


Our blog offers updates, inspirations, and ideas on the latest fashion news and newest consignment arrivals. Occasionally, we go on an adventure, visit a restaurant that we enjoy or we might run into an art gallery to see the latest display of current art work. We offer a nice little mix of tidbits from A-Z. 



It is so easy to let things accumulate. You see something, you think it's quite nice, try it on, it fits, you buy it; many times that is the end of the story; maybe you actually wear it once or twice and then it languishes. Belts are one of those things that we seem to love to buy and then never really wear very much. I'm not speaking about those belts or sashs that come with a dress or blouse because those usually are not particularly good quality. I'm talking about the really nice quality, beautifully made leather belts that we purchase and then just keep in a drawer or hanging in a closet. The time has come to make a decision; just make a commitment to actually wear those lovely belts sometime soon. You might find that many of them no longer fit; eek, then you know definitely what you must do... Get them out of the way consign or donate them. It's rather pointless to allow items to take up valuable real estate when they just don't fit. Set a time limit, say "I must wear this belt within the next two weeks" and if you don't, then just get it out of your life. It is such a relief to find order instead of a jumble and tumble of belts.