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New To You - The Chic Boutique is a luxury designer consignment boutique located in Northern Virginia. Established in 1992,  buy and sell genuine designer purses, clothing, jewelry, shoes, scarves and accessories. We believe that Fashion is Fun and just love quality and style. Shop online or in our brick and mortar store.


Our blog offers updates, inspirations, and ideas on the latest fashion news and newest consignment arrivals. Occasionally, we go on an adventure, visit a restaurant that we enjoy or we might run into an art gallery to see the latest display of current art work. We offer a nice little mix of tidbits from A-Z. 

White After Labor Day: A Never-Ending Saga


In researching this post, I asked a variety of women the age-old question: is wearing white after Labor Day okay? Answers ranged from a simple “no” to a friendly “wear what makes you feel good” to the inventive “as long as you don’t wear all white and get lost in the snow.” The original answers given varied, yet most agreed that white after Labor Day can be acceptable, given certain circumstances. Dolce and Gabbana, Armani, Chanel, and Versace, among many others, have crisp white staples in their fall/winter collections. While different occasions create different fashion scenarios, we have put together some basic guidelines for being a fashion-rebel without creating a serious faux pas.

1. Don’t get washed out. If you have a naturally pale complexion, your skin can be its lightest in the winter months. You can still utilize white, but if it washes out your complexion, keep it away from the face. Shoes, skirts, and bags are all a great bet.
2. Mix it with seasonal colors. The summery look of white can easily be toned down with autumn browns, reds, and oranges or winter-y jewel tones. A fall dress with a white purse or a white skirt with a bright belt can make white less beachy.
3. Texture, texture, texture. There is a big difference between white linen pants in the summer and a fluffy white sweater in the winter. Fun, seasonal textures can make white work all year long.

The reasons behind the Labor Day rule are somewhat legitimate; white does not flatter pale winter skin in the same way it does a tan, all white can be overwhelming in during the winter season (you don’t want to get lost in the snow after all), and some white clothing can have very summery-sheer textures. However, if you remember these reasons, you can overcome them and wear white fashionably all year long. If you have any ideas of how to wear white in the “off-season” or fun examples of faux pas past, leave us a post and tell us about it!